Invisalign Treatment

Dr. Jack Wolf is an Invisalign preferred provider in Chesterfield with competitive prices.


   Dr. Wolf is considered an Invisalign preferred provider again for 2019! A dentist achieves this status by treating a high number of patients with Invisalign and maintaining continuing education courses through Invisalign to ensure they are providing the best possible individualized treatment to each patient. 

     Invisalign uses state of the art technology to align and rotate teeth while also expanding or narrowing the patient's arch to perfect their smile. Besides just generally straightening a person's teeth there are many clinical conditions the treatment can correct including: crowded teeth, gap teeth, over bite, under bite, cross bite, or even an open bite. It is a minimally invasive way to correct many aspects of the aesthetics of a patient's smile and has been linked to an improvements in patient's overall health as well! 

     We offer free, no obligation, consultations at our convenient office in Chesterfield in which we will show you a digital video of how Invisalign will improve your smile. We also offer flexible in house financing to help make the treatment obtainable for everyone interested. Our staff is standing by to answer any additional questions you may have!